Infant Safety Vacuum Nasal Cleaner

Infant Safety Vacuum Nasal Cleaner

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Infant Safety Vacuum Nasal Cleaner

Now here is something that will relieve your baby from a clogged nose! 

The best and easiest to use. It cleans out the mucus effectively, and it's safe.  

  • Age Range for using the Nasal Cleaner: 1 month and above
  • Heat Resistance: -20 Celsius~110 Celsius / -4 Farenheit~230 Fahrenheit
  • Material: PP+Silicone+ABS
  • Product: BPA Free - Safe for baby
    Silicone tube: 7.8 inches
    Bottle : 1 inch x 1.6 inches

    Product Features:
    1. You can adjust the size of the suction and it's easy to clean the snivel
    2. The front-end spherical design does not cause any harm for babies nasal
    3. Each component is easy to disassemble and easy to disinfect

    1. If baby nasal has an injury, swelling, and other situation. DO NOT USE.
    2. Keep out of reach of the baby, to avoid any accidents.

    How to Use:
    • Put the side of conical nose cleaner and gently placed it into the baby nose
    • The other end into the mouth to suck out the dirt
    • Repeat several times until the cleanup.
    • Please disassemble, clean, and disinfect after using in a cool dry place.
      How to Disinfect:
      • Fill a basin with hot water adding a few drops of antibacterial soap to the water.
      • Drop the nasal aspirator into the hot water after each use when your child is sick.
      • Disassemble the silicone tubes and the bottle
      • Quickly blast the water and mucus out of the tube and the bottle and into the water.
      • Repeat the depressing and releasing motion several times in the water to ensure that the inside of the silicon tube has been thoroughly cleaned.
      • Remove from the water and lay on a towel to air dry in preparation for each usage.
      • Sterilize your nasal aspirator before you store it away for another time to stop the spread of bacteria.
      • Heat a pot of water to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
      • Drop the complete aspirator into the water and allow it to simmer for 10 minutes.
      • Allow the water to cool before you remove it
      • Wipe the outside of the aspirator with rubbing alcohol before allowing it to air dry.