Weather Predicting Storm Glass

Weather Predicting Storm Glass

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Weather Predicting Storm Glass is a mixture of chemicals that is sealed in a glass, it presents a liquid that shifts from solid to crystalline form under circumstances that aren’t still fully understood. From these fluctuating patterns, predictions were made about the approaching weather.

  • This Storm Glass can predict the weather with a surprising accuracy, such as sunny weather, cloudy weather, thunderstorms, and blizzards
  • Storm Glass is also great conversation starter — making it as an ideal corporate gift
  • It can be an exclusive addition to the interiors in your living room, office space, or bedroom.
  • This gift is suitable for all age groups, may it be for adults or children

How does the Storm Glass predict different weather conditions? 

  1. When the liquid is clear that only means that the weather is sunny and bright
  2. If there are crystals at the bottom it means there is thick air or frost
  3. And if the liquid inside the glass is rimmed with small stars, that means thunderstorms
  4. What about if there are large flakes inside the glass? That indicates heavy air, overcast, and snow during the winter
  5. Crystal threads form on the upper part of the liquid: that's windy weather
  6. There are small dots: there is fog or damp weather
  7. And if there are flakes that rise and remain at the top: there is wind in the upper air regions
  8. What if there are small stars during a sunny winter day: it means that there will be snow in one or two days
  9. And lastly, the higher the crystals rise, the colder it will be during winter

Product Sizes:

SMALL STORM GLASS:  H X W (5.11" X 2.4")

MEDIUM STORM GLASS: H X W (7.0" X 3.15")

LARGE STORM GLASS: H X W (7.87" X 3.54")

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Glass and Fluid that consists of Camphor Crystals, Potassium Nitrate, Ammonium Chloride, Water, and Alcohol
  • Shape: Water Droplet
  • Color: Transparent